Programs at Grayslake Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy & Wellness can improve your quality of life by helping you move freely again and can even help you prevent an injury altogether. Our physical therapists and trainers receive specialized education in a variety of sciences – physics, human anatomy, kinesiology (human movement), to name a few. They understand how the body works and how to get you moving again. They know how to manage all four of the body’s major systems – musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, and integumentary (skin) – to restore and improve motion.

To arrange times to use The Excel Room, contact Karen Horton at 847.223.8001. We look forward to being part of the success of your organization in the future.

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“Walk as much as you can. Remember an object in motion stays in motion.” That is a great mantra!!

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What does our medically operated fitness center provided:

  • Expert physical therapists to advise and assist.
  • An exercise pool for enhanced exercise.
  • A gym with safe exercise equipment for cardio and warm up.
  • Specialize equipment and accessories that you won’t find at any other gym.
  • A unique environment that provides for every physical therapy need.

Organizational use of our training space in the Excel Room!!!

  • Players and Coaches ONLY.
  • Teams and/or organization MUST have insurance.
  • Release MUST be signed for player to participate.
  • Use of room is for agility and conditioning ONLY. No balls, bats, sticks, etc. may be used.
  • The gym is available on a first come first serve basis.

Get Back in your Game or Start your life now!


Anytime is a great time to get started. This is no better time then the present to start getting in shape. Need some MOTIVATION, We have it.

Let Grayslake Rehabilitation and Wellness help you. We offer personal training and wellness classes for all levels and all ages.

Looking for something different, let us know!

And don’t forget to Undo Your Day everyday!!

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