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"Best therapy, like family"
Mar 21, 2019
"I’m always recommending this place to others. Everyone here is so professional, welcoming and friendly. I have been coming here on and off now for over 10 years for multiple health issues. Each time they amaze me with knowledge and creativity to tackle problems and work with each patient to make them feel comfortable, all the while having a goal of putting a smile on your face. "
Mar 20, 2019
"I highly recommend Grayslake Rehab..they are professional and welcoming! Robin is extremely knowledgeable and experienced! She will listen to your concerns and direct therapy to help cure your injury! You will receive quality therapy! 5 stars! The atmosphere is positive and the entire staff is helpful, knowledgeable and kind! "
Mar 18, 2019
"So I use the pool for my water therapy and it really helps me. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my whole body. So I need this pool to help me fight ra. The other thing that’s great is I use the treadmill to walk. I have a shin problem so doing this helps alot. You can also turn and use the jets to massage whatever hurts.They also have water weights and a few tools to help you exercise a little. It’s a great 20 bucks spent for an hour."
Mar 14, 2019
"I used Grayslake Rehab after a car accident. I was particular about which clinic to go to as I am a physical therapist too. I was never disappointed in my choice and I was more critical than most bc of my training. I have referred a number of patients there since and have never heard back anything but positive experiences. Wonderful clinic & people. "
Mar 14, 2019
"I have known the owner, Robin Erker Edwards wince she was doing physical therapy on home visits and she was treating my mother-in-law when she had a knee replacement at age 86. I became reacquainted with Robin when we belonged to the same business women networking group. That is when I also became her patient of and on for more than 12 years. She is great at evaluating my body's health and issues. She has helped me out with a variety of issues over the years both treating the issues and helping strengthen areas with problems. I have recommended many friends to Grayslake Rehad over the years. I always go to her first with any physical complaints. I trust her implicitly."
Mar 14, 2019
"Quality rehab done by knowledgeable therapists. My PT sessions were one on one with my PT for 45 minutes. She cared about my rehab as well as me as a person. "
Mar 13, 2019
"Gretchen has been my therapist for my foot, hip & back. She is very knowledgeable and explains everything. She is a sweetheart. We did exercises in the pool and she explained everything & showed what & what not to do. The pool is so good. It really helps tight and tired muscles. She is excellent. Our daughter Sheila is also a therapist here and she is excellent. She handles her patients with dignity and is very knowledgeable. Her patients love her. We are so proud of her. "
Mar 12, 2019
"I used Grayslake Rehab when I had my hip replaced. They were wonderful. They got me up and walking correctly and I am now able to do anything I could do before the surgery and before the arthritis. They are extremely knowledgeable and were able to help me with any issues I had during my recovery. Now I go there and walk on the treadmill using my Silver Sneakers benefit and everyone there is very friendly and they make me feel at home. I am planning to make an appointment to walk on their treadmill in the pool and I am sure that experience will be great. I would recommend Grayslake Rehab and the people there to anyone who needs any type of therapy. They are terrific! "
Mar 10, 2019
"Very professional place with high quality rehabilitation. "
Mar 09, 2019
"This was my first experience with physical therapy. I picked the right place! I have seen a huge improvement in my range of motion. Ryan you are the best! Kathy, I only had one session with you but it was excellent, thank you both for getting me back on the road to recovery. You pushed me to my limit, but were gentle also. I would recommend this facility to everyone."
Mar 08, 2019
"Robin Erker and her staff are amazing. They go above and beyond to ensure that I’m receiving the best physical therapy!!"
Mar 08, 2019
"Grayslake Rehab has given me my life back! The clinic has a warm, inviting environment with fun and motivational messages throughout. The staff are always smiling and laughter is heard everywhere. There are private treatment rooms, an open treatment area, a full gym and a heated pool with underwater treadmills, current to swim against and plenty of room to do stretches or exercises. Each and every staff member has gone above and beyond in my care whether it be treating my physical ailments, accommodating my PTSD needs, scheduling around my many appointments or unraveling my referral and insurance issues. When I started with them three years ago, I had significant chronic pain, PTSD and relied on prescription narcotics to control my pain. I spent most of my days in bed. Sheila, my primary therapist, has tirelessly worked at getting me healthy again. Her unique brand of humor, directness, strength, empathy (sometimes 😁) and emotional as well as physical support are an amazing combination and perfect for motivating me. I would recommend any of the therapists for myself, a family member or friend. Rona the therapy dog has also been a wonderful addition to the team. The warm water pool has increased my mobility, endurance and confidence by leaps and bounds. I am now the healthiest that I have been in 20 years. I am in the pool 4 days a week and have PT on land once a week. I no longer take narcotics for pain and am able to walk without a walker or cane. I would never go anywhere else!"
Mar 08, 2019
"Both my 10 year old son and I received excellent treatment. His knee and hip have improved greatly and he has much better mobility. My shoulder is pain-free and has greater range of motion. "
Mar 05, 2019
"Friendly and warm practice. I have been coming here for years off and on. Great physical therapists. I refer friends to come here. It is the greatest."
Mar 04, 2019
"I really appreciate the individualized time the therapists spend working with patients. This one on one approach feels more personal and gives the impression that they are as invested in my recovery as I am. Admin staff made enrolling and working with insurance less of a headache in an already trying time!"
Feb 28, 2019
"Robin and her team are absolutely amazing!! Such a great facility to rehab at and so close to home and work. "
Feb 26, 2019
"Absolutely amazing knowledge and expertise. Fantastic results. Great customer service and availability. "
Feb 24, 2019
"Great place! Much better treatment than you will ever get at a chain. "
Feb 24, 2019
"I recently had a total knee replacement and the therapy I had was outstanding. My Therapist was caring and professional. I would highly recommend Grayslake Rehabilitation for all your needs"
Feb 23, 2019



“I am a believer. I had surgery on my right foot and had to learn to walk and stand on that foot again. I could never have accomplished it without the care and attention of the therapist at Grayslake Rehabilitation! Six months after surgery at the age of 60 I ran my first Half-Marathon.”

J. Osmond, Lake Villa, IL

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